Radiant School of Worship

An eight-month worship discipleship program designed to transform and equip next generation leaders.


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Radiant School of Worship

This eight-month discipleship program focuses on the transforming and equipping the next generation of musicians, worship leaders, singers, audio engineers, and lighting/visual technicians to serve Jesus with passion and excellence. Students will grow in leadership and character through discipleship and training in an immersive environment of worship and prayer, also receiving hands-on training from Radiant Church pastors and leaders. 

We know there are many educational programs around the nation available to young people who are seeking technical training and mentorship in their craft. We believe that the Radiant School of Worship is set apart from other programs in that our curriculum, training, and discipleship programs are designed not only to advance our students' skills in ministry, but also to build on two important foundational values unique to Radiant: Cultivating a deep and lasting relationship with God from the place of personal encounter, and developing a generation of highly skilled and prepared leaders who reveal Jesus not only to the Church, but to the world around them.


Culture, Values & Mission

We're passionate about exalting Jesus through our worship, but we don’t believe our calling begins and ends there. We also believe that God has given us a mandate to raise up the next generation of wholehearted worshipers. Authentic worship doesn’t begin on a platform; it begins in the secret place of encounter. Because of this core conviction, we’ve built our culture, curriculum and schedule in a way that cultivates these values. 

We prioritize the presence of God, maximize community, and foster an environment of excellence. 

Our students participate in daily worship and prayer meetings, which prioritizes the presence of God. These daily gatherings become a birthplace of connection and intimacy with Jesus, shape godly identity, and provide the fuel with which students learn how to lead worship in their respective areas of focus. As they grow spiritually, they are practically equipped with excellence in their craft from instructors and leaders. And all of this is done in the context of community, which maximizes discipleship and personal growth.

If you are a worship leader, singer, musician, songwriter, audio engineer, or visual technician who is hungry to grow in your relationship with the Lord while also developing your craft and maturing in leadership, the Radiant School of Worship will be a great fit for you!