Application Requirements

Before submitting an application, the following requirements must be met.

  • A personal relationship with Jesus Christ

  • Highschool Diploma or GED equivalent

Apply Today

Ready to apply? There are two parts to the application process! Review each step below.


Please have the below information prepared before beginning the online application. The application cannot be saved and revisited.

  • Personal Information

  • Education: High School and College Studies

  • Employment: Past Two Employers

  • Present Home Church/Affiliation

  • Worship Ministry Involvement: Describe past worship or production team experience (if any).

  • Essay Questions: These questions will need to be answered in paragraph form.

    1. How did Jesus come into your life? Describe your salvation experience and the story of how your faith became real to you.

    2. Briefly describe any past ministry experience you may have, and list any relevant skills, abilities, knowledge and/or experience that you feel qualifies you for the Radiant School of Worship.

    3. What do you sense the Lord is calling you to do with your life? What are you passionate about?

    4. What do you feel specifically called to do in worship or production ministry within the local church?

  • Personal References: Three references are required. One of the three must be of Pastoral relation.



Worship Leaders, Vocalists, and Musicians only

Please submit a video showcasing your musical ability as a vocalists or musician. These videos do not need to be professional and can be as simple as using your iPhone, GoPro or other video recording devices.

VOCALISTS - we are looking for you to sing a familiar worship song that compliments your vocal range and ability. You could either sing with the song playing through your computer speakers or ask a friend to accompany you on an acoustic or piano.  

MUSICIANS - please submit yourself playing along with a familiar worship song using your equipment (drums, keyboard, amp, guitar, pedals, etc.). Choose a song that compliments your skill level and abilities. If you’re a lead player then play the lead part, if you’re a rhythm player, play the rhythm part. Please give us a virtual tour of your equipment in your video.

Please submit all Audition Videos to with "Video Audition" and your full name in the subject line.